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Why Us?

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We Are Irving's Top Rated Auto Repair Shop

*We only hire and retain the Automotive Technicians that have the ethics, training, certification, and experience to do the job right the first time.

*We have a business that continues to grow because we are the most trusted people for automotive service and car repair in Irving, TX.

*We service Imports and Domestics, and we retain technicians that specialize in your vehicle.

*We have several technicians and service advisers (including the owner) who are ASE Master Technicians.

*We back most of our repairs for 12 months or 12,000 miles.

*We prioritize your car repair and service needs to match your budget. Most vehicles can go 300,000 miles or more with routine maintenance and minor repairs.

*We specialize in good communication. We know an educated consumer is a smart consumer and we are here to answer all questions on car repair.

*AutoTech’s core values are to provide ethical car service and repair, something that is sorely lacking in our industry.

*We are willing to admit we are not perfect, but when there is a problem we are here to make it right. We welcome the input of our clients to continue to improve our services.

*We track your service history and send service reminders based on it to keep your car running smoothly and in top shape.

*We believe in relationships, and that is what our business is about. We want to get to know you and your vehicle. Our business is one of the fastest growing in the Mid Cities; we have new clients referred to us each day by current, satisfied clients. We want to be here for your friends and family for generations to come

*We believe in diversity.  AutoTech is an equal opportunity employer and we believe that all employees and clients should be treated with respect regardless of their sex, religion, marital status, or ethnicity

*We believe in convenience. We know that having your vehicle serviced or repaired is usually expensive and inconvenient, and that is why we prioritize your needs and allow you to make the decision on what services and repairs you have done

*We believe in honesty and integrity. We realize that “auto mechanics” are one of the least trusted people (recent Gallup poll). We only hire and keep technicians and service advisors with the utmost integrity.  Dishonesty in any form, at any level, is not tolerated at AutoTech.

*We believe that quality people, quality parts and quality diagnosis equal a quality service.

CALL:  972-790-8664 Monday - Friday 8am to 6pm | Sat 8am - 12pm